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It most certainly will. Around 50% of our current customers are owners of e-bikes.

All types.

Just watch the diameter of the Seat Post tube- should be not more than 1.6 inches (40 mm)

Bike Carry is strong and will easily hold up to 50 pounds bikes/e-bikes.

Up to 1.6 inches (40 mm). Preferably, the Seat Post Tube should be round shape for safe clamp grip.

The Strap is 33 inches (90 cm)

The Strap comes out all the way to a 33 inches length.

However, you can adjust it doing 2 things (one only or both at the same time)

First, you fix Bike Carry slightly lower or higher on the seat post tube. 

Second, (when ready to carry the bike) you can wrap the strap around the handlebars once- to use the full Strap length. Or wrap in around the handlebars a couple of times-  to make it slightly shorter.

Probably, you will have to experiment once or twice to achieve the ideal position.

Very easy! Install it on the seat post tube (under the saddle) and ride on. You'll need to have a hex key which is not included.


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