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Necessity inspires invention

Labor pains are part of every birth

The old saying, “you can’t judge a book by its cover” has never been so true.  While Bike Carry looks simple – and it really is – it took a year and a half to become a reality.  Research and development involved some very talented product designers, the expensive construction of numerous prototypes, testing, testing, and more testing, along with a lengthy search for the perfect manufacturing partner.  Finally, the dream had become a reality and I learned it’s much cheaper to dream than to bring a quality product to market.

Never give up

I began showing BIKE CARRY to many of my friends and associates who are interested in cycling, and every one of them wanted to buy it because they realized it would make the carrying of their bikes much easier.  It was their encouragement and approval that fueled my determination to find the capital to begin mass production – and I did!

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